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I'm not sure if you remember me, (we used to chat back in 2009) but it's really nice to see you're still making some amazing songs! You are truly one of my favorite producers and I'm still jamming to Dream Snooping.

Keep up the amazing work!

SHADOWFOX2 responds:

Your name sounds familiar...
I'm always making stuff, even if I don't put things on NG anymore...
Maybe I'll start up again soon, but thank you for your encouragement C:

If you don't finish this. Newgrounds is going to kill you. Finish it.

Very nice song. I love the overall melody but there is to much feedback coming from the kick at the start of the song. I would have also built up the song a bit different but overall a very good song.

Would you mind telling me how you made the house lead that was played at the start of the song? Like what VST did you use (if any) or the name of the sound you used. I'd like to make a remix of this song.

dj-patm responds:

Thanks for feedback!

The VST I used for that side chained intro lead was +z3ta and I used a slightly tweaked version of the preset "Chords of Life" in preset bank C.


I'm glad I found you ;)

LLAAPPSSEE responds:

:) I'm glad you did, too.

Very Nice

Very nice song I love the drums.

Mind if I create my own version of this?

I'll send it to you when it gets done. If it's alright with you.

ZuneInc responds:

Ok. Allthough you can upload it here straight away :) hope you have some skills! :D


sounds like a song from Boarderlands


Sounds a lot like something from Harry Potter.

I like it.

maer808 responds:

lol yes it does

This sir deserves a 10

Im loving the intro and just the atmosphere of the song.

We should collab some time. :P

PM me

Very Good

You should really record yourself making these songs and post them up on your youtube channel. It would probably make your youtube channel much more popular.

If you do decide to do that then I recommend camstudio. It is free and it is what I use. Just make sure you switch the video settings to HD settings (Which would be 1280x720 if I am correct).

Nice song

I like the beat but the kick should be more stronger and the synth in the beginning of the song should of had some more reverb.

I like to create my own songs as a pass time and hobby. Contact Info: JBroadwayMusic@hotmail.com

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